Aerite™ Aeration and Circulation systems offer maximum air transfer and optimal site circulation within one, energy efficient process. Used to create the best possible site environmental growing conditions, Aerite™ Aerators provide a no maintenance means of full site mixing and destratification. A tough polyurethane construction and no moving parts ensure these aeration and water circulation eductors will handle years of hard service operation with little or no maintenance.

A range of Aerite eductor nozzle types and mount configurations may be mixed and matched to provide an operating platform or systems approach specific to your site aeration and circulation requirements. Different nozzle types are available to impart different circulation and mixing characteristics at different energy output levels. Aerite aeration systems are designed to work singularly in small site applications or grouped together as part of a larger integrated network. With no moving parts these units provide both 100% operating reliability and 100% mixing of gaseous, liquid, or liquid slurry mixtures.

Aerite eductor nozzles are extremely versatile as exhibited in their ability to operate with a pressure pump to draw in and mix the contents of any bottled gas as well as their ability to operate moving straight pumped water, waste slurries, or a mixture of water and fish feed pellets. Alternatively Aerite eductor nozzles will also operate equally well using a positive displacement blower designed to generate high volumes of low pressure air. Air directed through the venturi body creates an equally strong vacuum draw, which in this case is used to pull in water or a liquid slurry to create 100% mixing and aeration at the outlet side of the injector throat.

No matter what your application or method of powering these venturi eductors, Aerite Aeration and Circulation systems will provide 100% mixing for years of trouble-free operation with maximum air transfer rates.

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