Incorporated in 1987, IAS Products Ltd. is located in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Our worldwide clients also recognize our company as Integrated Aqua Systems. IAS has been providing consulting, equipment, and product services to most of the world’s largest aquaculture producers for over 30 years. As a full equipment design and manufacturing company IAS offers consulting, equipment servicing, and a range of products to address the feeding, lighting and monitoring of caged aquatic species ranging from fin fish,  prawn, to micro and macro algae. IAS Products began its life producing portable, hand-controlled, water-driven feed pellet broadcasters in response to industry concerns over hand feeding and operator health and safety issues. Over the years we have grown with the industry to provide an ever-expanding range of cost-effective feed delivery, broadcasting, monitoring and control systems, along with a full range of underwater lighting products. All equipment operates using proprietary PLC, wireless control networks, machine vision feed pellet video monitoring, and electronically controlled LED technologies. Our latest business adventures include new subsurface feeding systems to address submerged cages, autonomously monitored and controlled wireless access of offshore farm site operations, and new software controlled high efficiency underwater LED lighting systems.

Our Team

  • Lionel Technical Design

    Lionel is our company founder who started IAS back in 1986. Born with an inquisitive streak and a somewhat amusing tendency to wander around muttering the word ‘why’.

  • Tim L. Operations

    As Lionel’s business partner since 1988, Tim tends to ask lots of questions.

  • Robert Head Production Technologist – Electrical and Electronic

    Robert brings to IAS high level skills in electronics as exhibited in the fact that not too much goes ‘pop’ or ‘bang’ in the department.

  • Tim C. Head of Production – Mechanical Systems Millwright

    As a formally trained and skilled millwright, Tim is another team member with a broad inquisitive mind and a broad range of skills including mechanical, fabrication, assembly and electrics.

  • Rob Product Support

    Rob brings over 25 years of knowledge in the field of 12 volt dc battery, solar panel, inverter and generator technologies.

  • Alan Accountant

    Alan provides the stability needed to address international sales and service. Nothing gets past Alan, which is good since he minds the bank.

  • Pauline Lead Administrator

    Pauline masters all our paper flow, tracking suppliers and sub contractors, monitoring accounts payable and receivable and addressing client telephone and e-mail information requests.

Ask Us, We’re Here to Help

Over 26 years of expertise in the Aquaculture Industry, we are happy to help! Please complete our contact form or give us a call toll free at 1.888.883.8885.