Aerite™ AB135 Blower

Our in-house designed Aerite™ AB135 Blower is engineered as a high volume, low-pressure centrifugal blower to maximize the bulk transfer of dry, breakable materials. The Aerite™ AB135 model consists of a 35.0 cm (13.5 inch) cast Almag® impeller matched to a cast Almag® backing plate, and an engineered blower housing fitted with an inlet shroud designed to protect operators from injury while maximizing the movement of air and blower operating performance. Machined and statically balanced components are designed for maximum versatility and may be mounted on gas, diesel, electric, or hydraulic motors. To reduce wear and maintenance costs associated with pulleys and belts the Aerite™ AB135 Blower is produced as a direct drive blower unit with the associated benefits of compact size, lightweight, and portability.

Aerite™ AB135 Blower units are commonly matched with our AeroSpreader™ S125 and S250 model dry pellet feed broadcasters to create a high performance feed pellet-broadcasting package. Trouble free long life operation is assured with the UV stabilized polyethylene blower housing well-suited for tough outdoor and corrosive work environments. The blower’s simple assembly design allows the unit to be easily separated from the power plant and re-installed on any comparable sized motor assembly. Both the inlet horn diameter and carefully shaped internal impeller tip clearances are optimally designed to provide high static pressure at very low operating noise.

Features & Benefits

Direct Drive Construction
Eliminates the time and expense of maintaining belts.

Non-Corrosive Housing
UV stabilized polyethylene housing will resist the worst operating environments.

Machined and Statically Balanced Impeller
Smooth operation a high speed.

One Piece Cast Impeller
Almag® cast and machined impeller ensures product-operating longevity.


Blower Impellor Cast Almag® 35 cm (13.5 in) diameter with machined
19 mm (0.75 in) hub and 4.7mm (0.1875 in) diameter shaft key. Dynamically balanced.
Backing Plate Cast Almag® 39 cm (15.5 in.) diameter. Machined, mounting bolt pattern allows for alternate power sources.
Blower Housing UV stabilised rotational molded polyethylene.
Inlet 14 cm (5.5 in) diameter with fitted powder-coated
steel inlet horn and safety screen.
Outlet 10 cm (4.0 in) diameter.
Power Source 5 Kw (6.5 HP) Gx200 Honda power plant with low oil alert.
Standard machined shaft and backing plate bolt patterns provide for alternative gas and electric power plants
Performance Motor Speed           Volume of Air (cubic feet per minute)
rpm                           scfm
3000                          860
3200                          910
3400                          965
3600                          1015
3800                          1100