SeeBrite™ Tri-LED Underwater Aquaculture Light

SeeBrite™ Tri-LED aquaculture lights are designed for best photo maturation control and growth and sea lice avoidance.

Promote Growth
SeeBrite™ Tri-LED light fixtures use full spectrum LEDS with specific focus on blue and green wavelengths for optimum radiant light distance in the water column, along with white light to provide a full spectrum of 425-750 nm to maximize light distribution.  With a managed photoperiod schedule SeeBrite™ Tri-LED will supress maturation and promote growth.

Brightness Control for Happy Fish
All SeeBrite™ LED light fixtures offer gradual ramp up to full brightness as required to avoid shocking fish.  Happy fish have strong appetite and can ward off disease resulting in optimum growth.  For those that demand more light control, such as RAS or hatchery applications, IAS offers customizable ramp up times and when connected to SeeBrite™ L100 Light Controller additional brightness control to optimize light intensity for specific farm requirements.

Downward Illumination for Sea Lice Avoidance
SeeBrite™ Tri-LED underwater light fixtures are specifically configured to radiate all submerged light energy in a downward direction to attract and maintain caged fish at depth providing a non-chemical approach to support sea lice mitigation. The Tri-LED provides a distinct cut-off band of light with no light scatter above the fixture.

Adjustable Beam Angle
Designed to provide a simple means of setting light coverage by independently rotating each of three SeeBrite™ LED light housings within the fixture.  Adjust any one, or all of the light housings to create a narrow focus or wide disbursed zone of downward facing light.

Customizable Spectral Output & Intensity
SeeBrite™ LED lights are customizable for a range of light color spectrums for specific farm requirements to address water turbidity and light scatter.

Extreme Environment Housing
SeeBrite™ lights are manufactured with a Lexan®
shatterproof housing incorporating a molecularly bonded anti-scratch coating to address maximum safe environment operation, and meets all UL and CSA standards and CE compliance.  Built entirely of non-conductive components, farm wiring irregularities will not result in Seebrite™ light fixtures becoming sacrificial anodes.

Product Versatility
SeeBrite™ microprocessor can be programmed to strobe or random flash for deterrence or avoidance in certain applications.

Save Energy Costs
SeeBrite LED lights incorporate LEDs to ensure best efficacy levels, the conversion of energy to light output.


Voltage 110-240 VAC = +/- 10%, 50-60 Hz
Power 120V 324W equavalent to 540W metal halide1
230V 483W equivalent to 800W metal halide1
Current 120V 2.7amps, 240V 2.1 amps
Power Factor 0.962
Luminaire Efficacy (Lm/Watt) 120V:   white & blue 93.9, green 67
230V:  white & blue 105, green 75
Spectral Distribution Blue 425-485nmm, Green 485-550nm
White 400 – 750 nm
(with focus at 425-550 nm)
Dimensions Diameter 66 cm, Height 16 cm
Cable Type: Polyurethane
Conductors: 3 x 16ga, 1 x twisted pair shielded
Type I / II fire rated
Standard length 30 m, optional length 3-50m
1Equivalent to 84000 lumens when scaled to 800W.
2Ideal power factor is 1.0.  Essential benchmark when evaluating light fixtures.  0.95 and higher is excellent, any value below 0.95 indicates hidden extra energy costs without benefit.
Specifications subject to change.