SeeMate™ P.I.B.

The SeeMate P.I.B. is designed as a small stand-alone weatherproof enclosure to assist an operator in accessing the standard SeeMate IP66 rated power/video plug assembly found on all SeeMate model camera cables. Where space is limited, this SeeMate P.I.B. is offered as an alternative to the larger multiple channel/camera access SeeMate C2-15, C4-15, C6-15 and SeeMate Portable models. While this SeeMate P.I.B. is capable of connecting only one camera, it provides a user with the ability to power a 12-volt DC B&W or colour monitor with a breaker protected power plug that comes standard with this product.

Using the alligator clips provided, the SeeMate P.I.B. connects to any 12-volt DC battery and offers the user with complete on-board power management circuitry to ensure maximum battery life. This circuitry ensures that when battery discharge, voltage drops below 10.7-volts DC, the internal low voltage shut-off circuitry automatically turns off the complete camera/monitor system. The camera receptacle on the outside of the enclosure uses our standard field serviceable Bulgin® video plug receptacle that offers the advantage of quick diagnosis and “plug and play”replacement without specialized tools or training. Every SeeMateP.I.B. comes with a power supply cable fitted with alligator clips for quick connection to a battery or other 12- volt DC power source. A large toggle switch knob, protected with a weatherproof rubber boot, allows for gloved hand control. This switch is matched with a bright LED power indicator light.