WireLess W.A.V.E.™ (Weatherproof Automated Video Equipment) camera, feed delivery and environmental monitoring networks are easily deployed to cover remote locations where traditional hardwired network applications are not possible or cost effective.

All WireLess W.A.V.E.™ Control Networks operate using proprietary developed access and management software providing the best possible site operations security when operating feed delivery and control equipment. Each addressable wireless module is accessed using unique command software ensuring that no unauthorized access and activation of feed dispensing or other critical site equipment operations can occur.

Wireless W.A.V.E.™ installations are a viable alternative to many of the most difficult to access site monitoring and control applications, reducing time and costs associated with installing and maintaining hardwired cable systems. WireLess W.A.V.E.™ Control Networks are designed to provide site operators with a quick means of setting up information gathering hubs. Best feed conversion rates are based on accurate, timely feeding decision-making information gathered from visual above and below surface camera observations and immediate wireless access and on/off and variability control of feed delivery and broadcast equipment. As farm feed and aquatic species husbandry management advances, new control applications arise including the use of WireLess W.A.V.E.™ Control Networks to manage on/off control of underwater lighting as well as accommodate the placement of remote environmental site monitoring stations. With IAS offering technical support and software options, WireLess W.A.V.E.™ Control Networks may be matched with a range of alternative manufactured sensor equipment such as O2, ammonia, water temperature, current strength probes, and more.

From stand-alone operation to wireless viewing, SeeMate™ Camera Monitoring Systems work practically anywhere.