Designed as a self-contained highly mobile camera and monitoring platform, the SeeMate™ Underwater Video Monitoring System is configured for easy camera deployment anywhere on the farm. The  ergonomic design and compact size makes this product ideal for walkway, dock, or vessel placement.

Monitor for best feed pellet delivery and placement using strategically positioned underwater cameras with images viewed on a large color LCD monitor. Versatile and quick to deploy, SeeMate underwater cameras provide operators with valuable observations on fish readiness to feed as well as feed delivery rate and feed placement information as needed to eliminate lost growth opportunities and feed waste.

IAS offers a full range of underwater camera viewing options with a large number of camera types, lens configurations, and underwater cable lengths that are combined to create a monitoring system best suited for your site needs. Each camera positions inside a robust underwater housing manufactured in a tough acetal copolymer and fitted with tough boron silicate lens. Exacting CNC machining and assembly, combined with extensive long-term pressure testing to depths of over 100 meters/350 feet, each SeeMate camera product will provide years of reliable field operation.

From stand-alone operation to wireless viewing, SeeMate™ Camera Monitoring Systems work practically anywhere.