SeeMate™ Mobile Monitoring Cart

The SeeMate Mobile Monitoring Cart is manufactured as a two-wheeled compact and highly mobile video camera monitoring system for quick deployment to pen-side camera locations. Monitor for best-feed delivery rates, feed positioning and fish feeding behavior using any of our model SeeMate™ underwater cameras easily connected to SeeMateMonitoring Carts . Each monitoring cart system is fitted with a self-contained 12-volt DC power source complete with automatic low voltage shut-off to maximize gel cell battery life while providing up to 24 hours of continuous monitor and camera operation. All SeeMate Mobile Monitoring Carts offer a large 38-cm/15-inch high definition colour LCD video monitor, removable visor, and weatherproof camera plug receptacles for up to 4-cameras.

These highly mobile and versatile camera-monitoring carts are fitted with a top cart positioned handle and a lower foot rest bar that doubles as a second grab handle to facilitate the easy lifting and loading of the 121 lb SeeMate Mobile Monitoring Cart in and out of vessels, vehicles, or aircraft. A complete on-board 12-volt DC power management system has been incorporated into the cart consisting of a no spill gel cell battery and a regulated charger sourced to ensure no battery overcharging can occur. A group of front panel positioned highly visible LED power level indicator lights help remind operators when to recharge the battery pack.  An automatic low battery voltage shut off turns off the SeeMate™ Monitoring Cart when battery power is low thus ensuring maximum battery pack life.

For maximum cart stability, the 32-amp/hour gel cell battery and regulated charger are strategically positioned beneath the cart’s storage locker shelf with plenty of room for either a second 32-amp/hour gel cell or a single larger 48-amp/hr battery if longer camera and monitor run times are required. Lifting the removable shelf accesses the battery charger’s power cable that plugs into any 110-vac wall receptacle. An optional 230-vac regulated battery charger is also available for those operating at other voltages. This locker location also positions main power, LCD monitor, and SeeMate™ underwater camera reset breakers for 100% systems protection. Reliable field operation is assured with no need to source often hard-to-find or not-at-hand replacement fuses.

Every SeeMate  Mobile Monitoring Cart is mounted with a modular video camera control circuit board consisting of quick connect electrical harnesses connecting the externally mounted IP66 rated field serviceable Bulgin® video plugs, power switch, and channel selector assemblies. This plug and play approach offers the advantage of quick diagnosis and quick in-field replacement without specialized tools or training.

SeeMate Mobile Monitoring Carts installed video control circuit boards have been designed with the future in mind, providing multiple power receptacles and video terminals for the addition of a DVR, video multiplexer, or WireLess W.A.V.E.™ video camera control accessories. All components are placed within the weatherproof storage locker fitted with 316 stainless steel hardware and latches for quick access. Large, easy to grasp knobs provide gloved-hand control of the waterproof power ON/OFF switch; 4-channel video camera selector; and the adjustable video monitor viewing angle knobs located on the outside of the top enclosure.

Equipment options include a larger 48-amp/hour gel cell battery pack for increased field operating time, an alternative 230 vac voltage regulated battery charger, a different shaped sun visor profile offering a less restricted viewing window, and an increase in the number of cameras that can be monitored to 6 cameras. And of course IAS offers parts and technical assistance to allow you to adapt any 12-volt DC camera you may already have to operate from our SeeMate Mobile Monitoring Cart.


Automatic Low Voltage Shut-off

Eliminates full battery drain and premature end-of-life battery replacement by automatically turning off power to the video monitor and cameras at a best voltage level recharging point.

Reset Breakers

Monitor and cameras protected with reset breakers to avoid use of tin foil – most often used as an immediate substitute for non-available inline fuses.

Battery Strength Indicator Lights

Green, yellow and red LEDs provide immediate visual status of battery power levels.


Expand site versatility using wireless video interface and remote controller with access to 60 locations and 240 cameras. Or, add DVR or video multiplexer components.

Integrated Battery Charger

Operating system incorporates an on-board regulated battery charger designed to recharge and maintain optimum battery levels without overcharging. Plug into any wall receptacle for long-term storage and battery maintenance.

Best-Feed Conversion

Allows for easy camera connection at the cage, or at the junction of 4 cages, for immediate monitoring of fish feed behavior, feed delivery rates, and feed pellet drop location.

Compact Size and Weight

Cart profile and weight designed to provide easy operation in tight spaces.

Lower Cable Costs

Reduce or eliminate the need for long hardwire camera cabling by placing a video camera monitor on site with the field operator.

Best Site Mobility

Easy rolling and lifting in and out of vehicles and vessels for immediate transport where needed.

Camera Mobility

Eliminates any infrastructure costs by moving a highly mobile camera and camera-monitoring platform anywhere on the farm site at a moments notice.

Adjustable Monitoring Enclosure

The large 15-inch colour LCD monitor screen fits within a sealed enclosure than may be easily turned for best view angle.


Camera cart and cameras ideal for on-the-spot monitoring of cables, anchors, buoys, nets and other structures around the site.

Removable Sun Visor

Operator may chose to remove the latched sun visor from the face of the enclosure for wider monitor viewing when standing back from the monitor.

Large Colour View Screen

Displays a large underwater camera image for easier feed viewing and decision making.


Dimension (H x W x L)

1500 cm x 622 nm x 660 mm
59 in x 24.5 in x 26 in


550 kg (121 lb)


Frame: 0.110 ga marine grade aluminum welded box structure
Wheels: Pneumatic 254 mm x 89 mm (10 in x 3.5 in)

Weatherproof Top Monitor Box

546 mm x 368 mm x 368 mm (21.5 in x 14.5 in x 14.5 in)
Aluminum power paint coating

Circuit Board

Solid state & direct wired, interchageable quick connect harnesses, LED batter strength indicator

Monitor resolution

5-inch color LCD flat screen, 1280x 1024 (SXGA)


Operates B&W and color cameras. Access from 1 to 6 cameras depending on model requested.


2-volt DC 32 ampere hour gel cell battery


One – (1) 48 ampere hour gel cell battery
230-volt AC to 12-volt DC @ 6 amperes
Quick connect 2-pole plug. – Single, 2, 4, and 6 camera configurations

Regulated charger

110-volt AC to 12-volt DC @ 10 amperes