Tim L.

Tim tends to ask lots of questions. As Lionel’s business partner since 1988, Tim works hard to clearly identify and understand client equipment needs and expectations.  He then matches this information to components, products, and systems currently produced by IAS. To assist him in this process, Tim brings his other passion in life, Alternate Dispute Resolution, to IAS.  He applies a broad range of effective communication skills to actively listen and identify a client’s equipment operation and performance requirements.

This communications style also works well in maintaining the IAS message as the ‘go to company’ for clients with unique site operating challenges and/or new alternative species grow-out needs.  Like Lionel, Tim is a Meccano Set® kind of guy and he loves to get his hand dirty.  Often, after he has clearly identified and communicated a client’s needs to the IAS Team, new ideas start peculating and brainstorming ideas set us on the path to developing new options.  The combination of clear and concise information gathering along with a broad repertoire of components, products and systems ensures that IAS offers significantly shorter product development times, accurate response to client needs, and unparalleled client satisfaction.