IAS, also known as Integrated Aqua Systems, has been providing consulting, equipment, and product services to most of the world’s largest aquaculture producers for over 32 years.  As a full equipment design and manufacturing company, IAS offers a range of products to address the feeding, lighting and monitoring requirements of aquaculture farms including fin fish,  prawn, and algae.

IAS Products began its life by producing portable, hand-controlled, water-driven feed pellet broadcasters in response to the industry’s concerns over hand feeding, operator health and safety issues. Over the years, we have grown with the industry to provide an ever-expanding range of cost-effective feed delivery, broadcasting, monitoring and control systems, along with a full range of underwater lighting products.  All of our equipment operate using proprietary PLC, wireless control networks, machine vision feed pellet video monitoring, and electronically controlled LED technologies.

Our latest business adventures include:

  • a new subsurface feeding system to address the complex requirements of submerged cages,
  • auto monitoring and control of offshore farm sites with wireless access, and
  • new software controlled high efficiency underwater LED lighting systems.

Our Team


Electronics Engineer
With a Master of Engineering in Electronics and prior experience in Robotics, Manik brings an all new level of skills to IAS Products.  He provides systems processes to expand version tracking and documentation.  Manik brings new ideas that are taking IAS Products to new levels by incorporating software design so we can supplied value added information to our clients, both local and international. Throughout the electronic equipment design and development stages, Manik maintains in-house software programs to ensure we can address current electronic equipment needs, client service and future product builds.

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Accounting Manager
Karima is a straight shooter.  She says it like it is; a good approach for an Accounting Manager.  She pitches in where needed.  Her multi-faceted skill set allows her to see the big picture then hone in on the details.  She has developed procedures and means of tracking costs to ensure that what IAS builds is on budget and fairly priced. Karima's background lies in 30+ years of accounting and 20 years as a business woman operating and managing a web design company.  She is tenacious, fair, and clear minded.  She tackles all things IAS as if they were her very own. While not a direct equipment contributor, without Karima the rest of us could not do what we do best.

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Lionel president IAS Products


Technical Design
In 1986, companies were feeding fish and prawns by hand.  Born with an inquisitive streak, Lionel just couldn’t understand why a self-contained mobile feeder wasn’t available that could evenly distribute feed pellets over water.  To address this glaring shortfall, Lionel formed IAS Products. Lionel enjoys learning about the inner workings of equipment design and their operating idiosyncrasies.  He works hard to understand the finest details around the issues at hand.  He then applies this knowledge to broadcasting and controlling feed pellet delivery.  With a broad knowledge base and a ‘KISS mantra (keep it simple st*p*d), Lionel remains the driving force behind the creation of the modular and effective feed delivery and control systems that IAS Products offers.

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Tim L.

Tim tends to ask lots of questions. As Lionel’s business partner since 1988, Tim works hard to clearly identify and understand client equipment needs and expectations.  He then matches this information to components, products, and systems currently produced by IAS. To assist him in this process, Tim brings his other passion in life, Alternate Dispute Resolution, to IAS.  He applies a broad range of effective communication skills to actively listen and identify a client’s equipment operation and performance requirements. This communications style also works well in maintaining the IAS message as the ‘go to company’ for clients with unique site operating challenges and/or new alternative species grow-out needs.  Like Lionel, Tim is a Meccano Set® kind of guy and he loves to get his hand dirty.  Often, after he has clearly identified and communicated a client’s needs to the IAS Team, new ideas start peculating and brainstorming ideas set us on the path to developing new options.  The combination of clear and concise information gathering along with a broad repertoire of components, products and systems ensures that IAS offers significantly shorter product development times, accurate response to client needs, and unparalleled client satisfaction.

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Tim IAS Products head of production mechanical

Tim C.

Head of Production – Mechanical Systems Millwright
Tim is a soft-spoken, quiet man in our organization, which is contrary to the amount of noise he generates when he's out on the production floor.  As a formally trained and skilled millwright, Tim is another team member with an inquisitive mind and a broad range of skills including mechanical, fabrication, assembly and electric. Besides making noise, Tim’s forte focuses around production processes and metallurgy. Unflappable, consistent, exacting in fit and finish and even-tempered under pressure makes Tim the ideal man for the position. No matter what the challenge, Tim create the best assembly process and documents the results. Final fit, finish, measurements, assembly steps and inventory components are all handled by Tim, ensuring that when service or additional products are needed, IAS can address our clients' needs.

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Office Manager

Sandra brings a down to earth approach to everything she does.  From creating the manuals that ship with all our custom build products to guiding the R&D processes to keeping her finger on the pulse of IAS, she is a powerhouse of stability.  Nothing gets past Sandra.

We rely on Sandra to quickly identity efficient processes,  manage our library of photos and videos and catalogue our progress to ensure that IAS builds meet client requirements. 

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Pauline administrator IAS Products


Lead Administrator
Pauline masters all our paper flow, tracking suppliers and sub contractors, monitoring accounts payable and receivable and addressing client telephone and e-mail information requests. Pauline directs corporate communications and manages the often head-scratching process of importing component and final product shipping documentation. Another meticulous individual, Pauline has a good memory for details and possesses the ability to quickly grasp and correct anomalies in the accounting system. Pauline tracks and monitors our product design and assembly files to ensure we do not miss critical data. And yes, it is true, if you need information – always be nice to the administrator.

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With over 32 years of expertise in the Aquaculture Industry, we are happy to help!  Please complete our contact form or give us a call toll free at 1.888.883.8885.

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