A Broad Range of Fish Farming Equipment and Shrimp Farming Equipment To Maximize Production

IAS Products offers a broad range of feed systems, feed broadcasting, and feed monitoring control equipment designed to address the most extreme farm operating environments and requirements.

Over 30 years of design and manufacturing expertise has gone into the creation of a diverse aquaculture equipment mix, ranging from small, mobile centrifugal blower style  AeroSpreader™ dry pellet fish farm feeders, HydroSpreader™ subsurface water feed pellet feed delivery, to MiniMax™ centralized fish feeding systems using positive displacement blowers, cyclonics, and fish feed spinner broadcasting technologies.

For the past 10 years, IAS Products has actively sold adaptations of our AeroSpreader™, MiniMax™, and environmental control and feedback systems to the shrimp farming and prawn farming industries.  Our feed delivery, feed management, and feedback systems are equally effective in managing feed conversion rates and maximizing profitability.

Our modular component design approach to all our aquaculture  equipment, when applied to our full line of feeding equipment, sized from single 22 kg feed bags, 7+ metric tonne, and larger operating systems provides IAS Products with the necessary tools to mix and match components and systems to best address our customer’s farming needs.

AeroSpreader™ S2000 with Aerite Cyclonic™ loading system.