SeeBrite™ Light Controller L100

The SeeBrite™ Light Controller L100 is a compact light controller that manages the brightness and dimming of our SeeBrite™ LED lights.   This helps avoid sudden changes in the light environment to minimise fish stress.

Control Light Brightness Level:  The SeeBrite™ L100 controls the brightness and dimming of up to 6 SeeBrite™ LED light fixtures.  Light brightness levels can be set from 1% to 100% brightness.  When lights are turned on, the L100 gradually increases brightness of the light fixtures to an operator pre-set brightness level.  When lights are turned off, the L100 gradually dims lights to 0% brightness at a pre-programmed rate.

Automatic gradual dimming of lights during power interruption:  When connected to an uninterrupted power supply (UPS back-up), the L100 is fitted with Power Sentry™ circuitry that continuously monitors for power interruption.  Once power loss is detected, the L100 will automatically begin dimming lights to 0% brightness for all SeeBrite™ LED light fixtures connected to the light controller.  When power is restored, the L100 will automatically begin a gradual ramp up to the operator’s pre-set brightness level.

Control up to 6 SeeBrite™ LED lights:  Each SeeBrite™ L100 Light Controller can simultaneously manage brightness levels for up to 6 SeeBrite™ LED light fixtures.

Simple user interface:  Smooth surface keypad membrane control panel with no extruding control knobs allows for easy wipe down.  Intuitive navigation interface makes for easy programming of brightness setting.

Robust enclosure IP66 rated:  The L100 Light Controller is available in either a poly carbonate or an extreme environment stainless steel enclosure.   Both enclosures are ideally suited for open sea pen or hatchery tank applications.  The IP 66 rating protects from total dust ingress and against heavy seas or powerful jets of water.

Special Inspection Certified, CE compliant:  The SeeBrite™ L100 Light Controller is Special Inspection certified, and CE compliant, operates on both 110 VAC and 230 VAC


Dimensions (L x W x H)

Polycarbonate: 11.77″ x 9.90″ x 6.0″ (298.96 x 251.46 x 152.40 mm)
Stainless steel: 10″ x 8″ x 4″ (254 x 203 x 102 mm)


IP 66 Protected from total dust ingress, protected against heavy seas or powerful jets of water


110 VAC or 230 VAC


Special Inspection certified, CE Compliant