MiniMax S1200 loaded on truck bed for easy feed dispensingMiniMax S1200 loaded on truck bed with operator control“Up close and personal with our MiniMax S1200 feed delivery system. This baby is it, custom made one of the most important pieces on the farm. Built by hand to order from some Canadian Engineers, … we are fortunate enough to have one. Glory to god and thankful for all we are given!” – M Godwin, Gulf America Shrimp

“We got it in last week and tried it a few times and it’s working great! Very well made product!” –
C Anderson, Carver Labs

“The first system we purchased from you was smaller and it is working out very well. We look forward to this new and larger system.” – S Schmidt, California Fish and Wildlife

“Very nice machine.thanks.” – J Jones, President, Lochow Ranch Pond and Lake Management

“(Aerite™ Feed Spinner) Out of all the ones I’ve seen over the years, this one is the best. It spreads the feed fairly evenly throughout the circle of feed. It doesn’t create just a ring of feed around the spreader it distributes the feed nicely. It also doesn’t seem to throw the odd feed pellet out of the pen, where as the other spreaders do. There is no clumping of the feed in spots, compared to the other spreaders. I really like the way the feed pipe is connected to the spreader; it seems to be a nice smooth connection.
It’s also easy to handle and comes out of the pen with little effort.” – J Baker, Manager, Mainstream, Canada

“(Bulk Feed Loader™) Pardon my lack of response. I have thought to write you many times to let you know how much we love Dennis. Dennis Hopper that is. He is doing a great job filling the hoppers. It is just working just like we planned. Any goon with a spoon can use him! Everybody else at the hatchery comes in and sees him and marvels at the simplicity and functionality. We are still gearing up and filling the brood tanks slowly so it will be a few years before he is put in to real heavy service but I can say that over the long haul he and I will become long lasting friends. Thank you so much for working me through the process to get it right.” – C Pratt, Brood Stock Development Centre Supervisor, WJ Hernandez Hatchery