Aerite™ Monitor

Aeration and Mixing Nozzles

Designed to operate alone or as part of a complete site system, the Aerite MONITOR operates with any 5 hp or larger pressure pump. Each compact Aerite MONITOR offers a highly efficient and effective means of aerating, mixing, and circulating water within aquaculture farm site tanks, ponds, lagoons or raceways. These versatile aeration and mixing venturi nozzles are equally effective at addressing waste water effluent containing high levels of suspended solids and exhibiting high BOD levels using the same aeration, mixing, and circulation action to significantly reduce organic waste levels. The Aerite Monitor is not just at home as a subsurface aeration, mixing, and circulation system, Aerite MONITORS are also ideally suited for above surface broadcasting of solids and liquids.

With no moving parts each Aerite MONITOR units will reliably perform over a broad range of pump pressures and delivery volumes. Practically any liquid or slurry (medium) may be pumped into the rear venturi inlet to pass through the internal injection nozzle. This pumping action generates a low-pressure zone that is used to pull atmospheric air (or any regulated/pressurized gas such as ozone, chlorine etc. from a pressure tank) into the main body of the venturi to mix with the pumped medium. The rate the liquid or slurry is pumped through the venturi dictates how quickly the in-rushing air or regulated gas mixture enters the body of the venturi and in turn determines how vigorously this 100% mixed stream of aerated medium exits the venturi nozzle to move around the tank, pond or raceway.

The Aerite MONITOR incorporates an innovative rigid pipe support frame that both positions the venturi and provides the means of directing atmospheric air or regulated gas supply down to the venturi. This pipe support structure also allows the venturi to be lifted for best height adjustment, turned from side-to-side over 180-degrees to aim the venturi, or rotated to allow for the entire Aerite MONITOR to be brought to the surface for nozzle inspection or tank, pond, or raceway cleaning. A secondary flexible supply hose is paired with this main support pipe to deliver the liquid or slurry from the pump down to the rear venturi inlet.

Features & Benefits

Large Diameter Injection Pipe
2 inch (50 mm) diameter vacuum draw supply pipe for high volume injection.

Full Height and Nozzle Direction Adjustment
Mount assembly maximizes position setup and allows system to be rotated to the surface for inspection.

Large Diameter Injection Hose
1.5 inch (38 mm) supply hose inlet for pumped liquid or slurry.

Variable Length Support Frame
Optimum sizes available to match site requirements.

Outlet Nozzle
Three configurations available. Each can be rotated over 180-degrees for exact positioning and best mixing/circulation. a. b. c. d. e.  Air or regulated gas mixture entry Pumped liquid or slurry entry 100% aerated & mixed medium exit.

100% Aeration
Complete mixing of liquid and air or regulated gas mixture.

Low Cost Operation
Simple pump activation draws large volumes air for 100% mixing.

Full Destratification
Best site circulation using simple nozzle height and direction adjustments.

Quick Deployment
Easily to set up and activate.  Quick to remove.

Operates individually or as a group operating system to ensure aeration and circulation matches site needs.